Relocations, Overseas Candidates, and Telecommuting


I am relocating—how can I register with an office near my destination?

If you have already entered your information into our online application, you do not need to enter it again.

Once you have relocated to your new area and are available for immediate interview or send-out, use our Office Locator to get the direct contact information for the Career Center located nearest to your new location. Let them know you registered with a different branch, have relocated, and would like to schedule an interview to meet with a new hiring advisor.

The new Career Center will be able to retrieve all of your information, but you may want to log back into your dashboard and update any new information including work history, address, and contact information.



Do you offer opportunities for overseas candidates?

Interstate4jobs is a leader in the staffing industry with Career Centers in the United States, Canada, and South Korea. We encourage everybody who is legally authorized to work in those countries to register with us. An additional requirement of representation is that you be available to visit one of our local Career Centers or one of our client locations for interviews as needed.

Do you offer work from home or telecommuting opportunities?

At this time, we do not offer work from home or telecommuting opportunities.

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