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We have an open position?

There are 3 ways in which to notify us of your open positions.

  1. Join Us: Client Registration. Here you will be able to create a profile to give us helpful information regarding your company and upload the job description. Once we receive your information, a helpful recruiter will contact you to introduce themselves and create a personal relationship for further communication.
  2. Email Us: info@interstate4jobs.com or go to Our Team to find a helpful recruiter.
  3. Call Us: (310) 792-7331 We are always happy to help.

We would like to hire our temporary employee on Full Time?


The process for converting a candidate is EASY! We have a formula to calculate the hours worked and billed to reduce the net profit from the perm fee. If you have any questions, Patricia Segovia is available to help with this conversion.

Our Accounting Department would like to set up ACH draft payment or get a W9?

We do accept ACH transfer for our billing and our Accounting Department will be able to send you the necessary paperwork via email or fax.

I need help with logging into my account.

You can reset your password here

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